Culottes + Vests


It is no secret that I’m a sucker for long vests and I own way too many culottes.. But I never really thought about combining the two until one Sunday morning while struggling to find an outfit to church. Continue reading

Sweatsuit Jumpsuit


Hello readers, I appreciate your patience with me during this process of becoming a more consistent “blogger”. January was a season of change for me so I neglected the blog for a while (not on purpose of course). I honestly wish I had someone following me with a camera all day long- it would make my life so much easier! But for now, I’m thankful for what I have.
I hope you enjoy these photos in my sweat pant inspired jumpsuit! It was freezing but we had a lot of fun during this shoot!




Wearing a sheer bomber jacket from forever 21, jumpsuit from zara, and the highest pair of heels I own because the jumpsuit is way too long for anyone me! Have a blessed week


Happy Holidays!

This post is simply to wish everyone a merry christmas! I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season!

DSC_1530DSC_1540 Continue reading

#Howtostyledenim (look 3)


DSC_0251The third and final look for this “how to style denim” series *pheww! Continue reading

#Howtostyledenim (look 2)


Here is look 2 out of 3 as promised! Instead of the ubiquitous “denim on denim” look, I wore a knit over my denim shirt to make it a little more cozy interesting. I wore this to the watch the new James Bond movie, Spectre! I didn’t want to be too dressed up since I was only going to the theatre so I threw on this bright orange knit to complete my look. Viola!
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#Howtostyledenim (look 1)

Long time no post, you must be sick of me by now. It’s just been hard to find a photographer lately, but thank God for all my amazing friends for always been so willing to help whenever they can! I appreciate you.

So about this blog post.. I would be doing 3 different looks with the same denim just to show you interesting ways to wear jeans. Denim is such a staple in everyone’s closet but we tend to take it for granted and just wear it to run errands or when we really can’t be bothered to dress up.



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#FallReady ??

One of my favorite things to do is to help people search for specific clothing items (notice I didn’t say outfit, because people are too darn picky). But if for example, you ask me to help you find a pair of black shoes, I will send you about 10 different links. Today, my sister made the mistake of asking me to help her find a nice jacket so I bombarded her with links and added things she didn’t even ask for like scarves and gloves. Anyway below are the links to a few of them for anyone out there searching for a nice fall jacket. Maybe these could serve as a winter jacket for some, but definitely not for anyone out here in Canada. I would recommend lots and lots of layers if you want to wear any of these in the winter. Most of the jackets are strictly for fashion purposes only..


available here

poly 8

buy here

poly 9

buy here


poly 5

purchase here

poly 4

available here


love this


and this


buy here

Goodluck finding the perfect jacket, and happy shopping!

With Love,



I attended a friend’s wedding last weekend in this lovely vintage dress. I’m really attracted to anything red lately for no reason in particular. I just think it looks good on almost every skin tone and is definitely a head turner. I would absolutely keep this dress for as long as I can fit in it simply because of the color and it’s versatility.

DSC_0077DSC_0078 Continue reading

Multi-Purpose dress


What to do when you’re having a bad hair day? Throw on a hat! Can you tell that’s what I did here? I hope not 🙂 . Recycled my grad dress from a year ago because I haven’t worn it since then, and don’t you dislike not being able to wear an outfit again because you already made a statement in it? Continue reading

Beaded Kaftan


Hello lovely reader, there’s not much to say but to show you this beautiful Kaftan my dad got me a few years ago. I remember forcing him to drive around town just to look for one of these because it was trending then (oh the things we put our parents through lol). We went through all Continue reading

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