Wedding Guest

IMG_3468FullSizeRenderI attended a wedding last weekend and it was the best I’ve been to in a long long time. Mostly because 80% of the guests were young adults so the dancing was soo much fun. I had no idea what to wear until about 30 minutes before going to the wedding. I couldn’t think of anything and nothing seemed to fit right. I got frustrated and prayed to God for an outfit idea (yes I do this when I feel stuck and can’t find anything to wear), and Continue reading

What’s trending? Senorita tops

Ever since I was a young teenage girl in Ghana, I remember always looking forward to summer vacations. I would write a list of things I needed to get when I travelled that summer so I could come back to school with enough “trendy” clothes to look fly the Continue reading

Let’s be real..



I took these pictures almost two months ago but never posted them because I thought they weren’t good enough. Being such a perfectionist,I usually criticize all my pictures so this wasn’t new. But my doubts grew worse and I decided not to post anything entirely..then I started to question and ask myself why I was doing this blog in the first place. Long story short, I gave up on blogging because I concluded it was pointless. Is anyone else ever this  Continue reading

Culottes + Vests


It is no secret that I’m a sucker for long vests and I own way too many culottes.. But I never really thought about combining the two until one Sunday morning while struggling to find an outfit to church. Continue reading

Sweatsuit Jumpsuit


Hello readers, I appreciate your patience with me during this process of becoming a more consistent “blogger”. January was a season of change for me so I neglected the blog for a while (not on purpose of course). I honestly wish I had someone following me with a camera all day long- it would make my life so much easier! But for now, I’m thankful for what I have.
I hope you enjoy these photos in my sweat pant inspired jumpsuit! It was freezing but we had a lot of fun during this shoot!




Wearing a sheer bomber jacket from forever 21, jumpsuit from zara, and the highest pair of heels I own because the jumpsuit is way too long for anyone me! Have a blessed week


Happy Holidays!

This post is simply to wish everyone a merry christmas! I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season!

DSC_1530DSC_1540 Continue reading

#Howtostyledenim (look 3)


DSC_0251The third and final look for this “how to style denim” series *pheww! Continue reading

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