Multi-Purpose dress


What to do when you’re having a bad hair day? Throw on a hat! Can you tell that’s what I did here? I hope not 🙂 . Recycled my grad dress from a year ago because I haven’t worn it since then, and don’t you dislike not being able to wear an outfit again because you already made a statement in it? Me too! To solve this, I paired it with a see-through side slit tunic so you could see the dress underneath, but not really! I was also attending an event that required some modesty and since my grad dress is strapless, the tunic also served as the perfect cover up. Phew, problems solved!


So here’s another modesty tip: wear a see-through tunic over a short or strapless dress as a fashionable cover up!

P.S. This african print Denkyi bag is pretty hard to beat, I haven’t found another african print purse that I love as much. Proudly made in Ghana too!

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