#Howtostyledenim (look 1)

Long time no post, you must be sick of me by now. It’s just been hard to find a photographer lately, but thank God for all my amazing friends for always been so willing to help whenever they can! I appreciate you.

So about this blog post.. I would be doing 3 different looks with the same denim just to show you interesting ways to wear jeans. Denim is such a staple in everyone’s closet but we tend to take it for granted and just wear it to run errands or when we really can’t be bothered to dress up.



This first look is very simple with lots of layering cuz Canada is too cold ha! I paired my jeans with a black turtle neck, a denim jacket, a vest, and a scarf (one of my favorite accessories). The black chelsea boots are from Zara, its so comfortable and the heel is perfect for everyday wear! Get similar here or here. You’re welcome ;)!

DSC_0103 DSC_0076 DSC_0074

I hope you enjoyed this post, hopefully someone somewhere has been inspired to layer stylishly this week!

Stay warm,


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