#FallReady ??

One of my favorite things to do is to help people search for specific clothing items (notice I didn’t say outfit, because people are too darn picky). But if for example, you ask me to help you find a pair of black shoes, I will send you about 10 different links. Today, my sister made the mistake of asking me to help her find a nice jacket so I bombarded her with links and added things she didn’t even ask for like scarves and gloves. Anyway below are the links to a few of them for anyone out there searching for a nice fall jacket. Maybe these could serve as a winter jacket for some, but definitely not for anyone out here in Canada. I would recommend lots and lots of layers if you want to wear any of these in the winter. Most of the jackets are strictly for fashion purposes only..


available here

poly 8

buy here

poly 9

buy here


poly 5

purchase here

poly 4

available here


love this


and this


buy here

Goodluck finding the perfect jacket, and happy shopping!

With Love,


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