Casual lunch date


I met up with a few friends for lunch the other day and I decided to use the opportunity to take some pictures in a casual outfit, as requested by one of my readers (don’t be shy, feel free to send me requests on a look you would like me to create). I think the highlight of this outfit is my blue Zara bag! It is actually a backpack but it can also be carried as a cross body if the straps are moved. I purchased it on sale for $15 a few weeks ago (can you imagine) and I still can’t stop staring at this beauty!! Unfortunately it is sold out in this color, but there’s Continue reading

What’s trending? Adidas “Stan Smith”


This post is inspired by one of my best friends who always calls me to ask, “Hannah, what’s trending now?” I do my best to tell her what I THINK is the latest craze (because I’m no expert) and it almost always ends up with her saying “Eww, I don’t like that” or “I’ll never wear that.” I recently asked her why she even bothers to ask in the first place because she never actually goes out to buy what I suggest lol.. She had no response for me but she definitely gave me the inspiration to come up with this “what’s trending” segment (shoutout to you Kupsi!). In this segment, I would write a post on my current obsessions/what I think is trending, as well as links to where to buy them. Feel free to beey be inspired to purchase if you’re the trendy type, or simply satisfy your curiosity if you’re like my dear friend Kupsi.

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Stella Jean inspired


Although I would love to take the credit, this outfit was inspired by Stella Jean, the Haitian-Italian fashion designer who is famously known for her african print(+button-down) designs. Her pieces make me fall in love with african print, especially when styled with her signature button down shirts.

Where did I go all dressed up though? To praise the Lord of course!


DSC_0063 (1)

*My lovely photographer refused to take a break when I answered a call*


Below is some more Stella Jean inspiration for you, in case you want to pay your tailor a visit sometime soon! I gotchu Continue reading

Bucket bagS

One of my favorite accessories this summer is the bucket bag!


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Recently travelled back home to surprise my dad on his birthday. His reaction was priceless and it felt sooooo good to be home as always.

The theme of the event was very laid-back, so it was perfect timing (and weather) for my culottes!


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Lion Safari

Hello beautiful people! I went to an african lion safari with a few friends last weekend and it was so much fun! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the lions because they were too far away and were just staring at us like “I dare you to take a picture”- so chickened out. I got pictures of the more friendly animals though; I can’t post them all but I’ve shared a few of my favorites.


DSCN0748DSCN0739 Continue reading

The vest

Hello hello :). Took these photos a while back but never got around to posting them!

Vests are totally in now and I’ve been wearing this particular one a little too much lately because it’s just so versatile and can be worn over almost anything. I find myself throwing it over a leather/denim jacket when its a bit chilly, or over a shirt when it’s not so chilly. Either way, I like that it adds a little pizzazz to my outfit. I love love love anything that adds some spunk to my look, so I plan on investing in more vests this season. I hope you do too, but you don’t have to :)!

Enjoy the photos, and have a blessed week!

DSC_1123DSC_1122DSC_1116 DSC_1136 DSC_1174 DSC_1183 (1)

Church clothes

Hey guys, I’m sorry for the hiatus. Before doing this I made a promise to myself that I would post at least once a week but it’s not as easy as I thought! Forgive me, I’ll do my best to post more frequently.

I’ve seen quite a few ladies wear crop tops to church lately and I won’t lie, it bothered me at first because they looked clearly uncomfortable and would be tugging at it the whole time. I thought, who wears a crop top to church? Why is this a trend? But instead of judging too much (lol), I was inspired to create a look on how to “modestify” crop tops and voila!





I’m wearing an old top from H&M, I love how boxy it is and it’s a bit longer than most crop tops so I didn’t feel the need to tug and pull at it during service. If you do want to wear a crop top to church I advice that you pair it with a super high waisted bottom (skirt or pants) and a top that’s not overly cropped. I promise you’ll feel, and look more comfortable (no tugging and pulling please!)


This post is a rather simple one on the classic white button-down shirt. I believe everyone has a white shirt in their closet but it only comes out when we have a job-related function, or performing in a choir. That used to be me too, but lately I find myself buying a lot of white shirts because they are so versatile and can be worn on different occasions depending on how it’s styled. DSC_0952

In this case, I added a printed scarf for a pop of color to an otherwise boring outfit to the mall. It’s interesting how one standout piece can add some personality to a simple outfit. I also accessorized with a pair of black heels (love them) and some simple jewellery which didn’t really come out in the photos *covers face*.

DSC_0950DSC_0954DSC_0935 DSC_0955


I hope you try this minimalist look someday when you want to look good, but not overdressed 🙂

First post

Yikes! Here goes the dreadful first post. I honestly wish these pictures came out better, but it’s my first post so forgive me, they’ll get better….
I like wearing “short” skirts in the winter because you are forced to wear tights, thus making the look appear more modest- #modestytips101 bahaha.

FullSizeRender (6)DSC_0786DSC_0800DSC_0733

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