This post is a rather simple one on the classic white button-down shirt. I believe everyone has a white shirt in their closet but it only comes out when we have a job-related function, or performing in a choir. That used to be me too, but lately I find myself buying a lot of white shirts because they are so versatile and can be worn on different occasions depending on how it’s styled. DSC_0952

In this case, I added a printed scarf for a pop of color to an otherwise boring outfit to the mall. It’s interesting how one standout piece can add some personality to a simple outfit. I also accessorized with a pair of black heels (love them) and some simple jewellery which didn’t really come out in the photos *covers face*.

DSC_0950DSC_0954DSC_0935 DSC_0955


I hope you try this minimalist look someday when you want to look good, but not overdressed 🙂

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