What’s trending? Adidas “Stan Smith”


This post is inspired by one of my best friends who always calls me to ask, “Hannah, what’s trending now?” I do my best to tell her what I THINK is the latest craze (because I’m no expert) and it almost always ends up with her saying “Eww, I don’t like that” or “I’ll never wear that.” I recently asked her why she even bothers to ask in the first place because she never actually goes out to buy what I suggest lol.. She had no response for me but she definitely gave me the inspiration to come up with this “what’s trending” segment (shoutout to you Kupsi!). In this segment, I would write a post on my current obsessions/what I think is trending, as well as links to where to buy them. Feel free to beey be inspired to purchase if you’re the trendy type, or simply satisfy your curiosity if you’re like my dear friend Kupsi.

Read more for photos on how to style


The adidas Stan smith has been around for many years, but it made a comeback this year which I love and hate at the same time (because everyone has a pair). I really don’t like things that are too trendy/common, but I just MIGHT make an exception for this one..



Where to purchase:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

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