Culottes + Vests


It is no secret that I’m a sucker for long vests and I own way too many culottes.. But I never really thought about combining the two until one Sunday morning while struggling to find an outfit to church. I thought the rich warm colours of the culottes really complimented the brown vest, so I threw on my white bell sleeve turtle neck and accessories and I was ready to go! The weather really didn’t want me to shoot as it rained all day, but thank goodness for my relentless photographer of the day, she didn’t let rain stop us!


Big thank you to Peggy for shooting in the rain with me!



F21 vest; Zara culottes, turtleneck & necklace; MK bracelet; Marc Jacobs watch; BCBG shoes

I wouldn’t recommend wearing culottes in the cold so make sure you check the weather before stepping out in this bipolar lovely Canadian weather!

Lots of Love,


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