Let’s be real..



I took these pictures almost two months ago but never posted them because I thought they weren’t good enough. Being such a perfectionist,I usually criticize all my pictures so this wasn’t new. But my doubts grew worse and I decided not to post anything entirely..then I started to question and ask myself why I was doing this blog in the first place. Long story short, I gave up on blogging because I concluded it was pointless. Is anyone else ever this hard on themselves? Or is it just me?

About a week ago, after one of my friends encouraged me to do a blog post, I decided that I would stop blogging to glorify myself. I’m going to start blogging for you.. yes you! That one person (hopefully more than one) that gets inspired by something that I wear/write. That person that keeps coming back on the blog to see if there are any updates. That person that comes here to get inspired on what to wear to any occasion. In other words, I’m here to make your life a little bit easier. I do this for you and I truly hope that I add some value to your life.



Outfit from Zara, Justfab shoes 


Since I’ve decided that I’m here to make your life a little easier, quitting is no longer an option! I mean, who else is going to tell you that modesty is not boring!? Ha 🙂

Stay Blessed,


P.S. Shoutout to @tianabeaute for the facebeat, and to the McGill students I recruited for this photoshoot- (you know who you are) you’re the best!


6 thoughts on “Let’s be real..

  1. Girl, what do you mean? These pictures ain’t good enough? I love all of them, in fact I stole some already for my page 😜😛🙈. Please don’t stop blogging else my dress sense willl be going from 100 to 0 real quick.


  2. First thing I thought was ” I love how the dead vines on the brick wall tie in with the rust coloured outfit 😍” ! Don’t ever doubt yourself girl this is fire! 🔥


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