What’s trending? Senorita tops

Ever since I was a young teenage girl in Ghana, I remember always looking forward to summer vacations. I would write a list of things I needed to get when I travelled that summer so I could come back to school with enough “trendy” clothes to look fly the entire academic year (I’m still a fan of writing lists btw). It sounds silly now, but I spent weeks making this list and back then I was usually inspired by music videos, magazines, and celebrity gossip sites. These days, we have Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest so ain’t nobody got time for that. I just got a tad bit nostalgic thinking about the good ol’ days but I digress, this Senorita/Off the shoulder trend is a big hit this summer. In case you’re one of those who likes to know what’s hot right now, this one is for you.

flares2Similar here

10-3Couldn’t find similar but check herehere, and here.

bareshoulders-683x1024Not similar but cute here and here 🙂

denim_gladiator_ohhcouture2Similar here or here

tumblr_nqwbi12grs1qkv30do1_1280Similar here

off-shoulder-street-style-looks-1-701x1052Similar here

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