Mellow Yellow

Yellow is one of my favourite colours! Perhaps it might be because I’m naturally very calm and mellow and yellow is just a loud attention seeking colour; the opposite of my personality. I absolutely love it when my clothes speak for me¬†without

Linen & Denim

Hello beautiful people ūüôā Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Can you believe I took these photos on an iPhone 6s? I used a camera as well for some pictures but my iPhone pictures came out way better, surprisingly! Anyway, I’m excited about this blue linen dress/top which I got done in […]


I attended a friend’s wedding last weekend in this lovely vintage dress. I’m really¬†attracted to anything red¬†lately for no reason in particular. I just think it looks good on almost every skin tone¬†and is definitely a head turner. I would absolutely keep this dress for as¬†long as I can fit in¬†it simply because of the […]