Linen & Denim


Hello beautiful people 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Can you believe I took these photos on an iPhone 6s? I used a camera as well for some pictures but my iPhone pictures came out way better, surprisingly! Anyway, I’m excited about this blue linen dress/top which I got done in Ghana. It comes with matching pants as well, I wore it to church but I changed into jeans t0 go to the park. My only issue with linen is that it creases too easily and you tend to look like you left home without ironing your clothes. So if this bothers you, don’t use/buy linen material! Wearing jeans was actually inspired by a friend who told me to start doing more casual day to day looks she can copy. So for anyone looking for inspiration for more modest summer looks, watch this space!



Custom made dress, Missguided shoes, Old navy jeans,  Zara bag


Oh btw, the shoes I’m wearing is available here. Have an amazing week!

With Love,


One thought on “Linen & Denim

  1. So excited, I found your page.Love Love Love the concept, modesty is definitely not boring! I see you haven’t posted in a while please do! Your new fan!


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