Birthday Girl


It was my birthday last weekend and I turned 25! Oh man, still not used to saying that out loud. Birthdays are great when people around you show you so much love. I appreciate everyone who came out to spend time with me, for the gifts, for the texts and phone calls. Thank you!


Now about this dress, I found it in a random store in a plaza where I go grocery shopping. It was the only one hanging in the corner and I heard it scream my name! I had been shopping for an outfit all day with no luck, and this dress came to the rescue right when I almost gave up! It is definitely true when they say your breakthrough is around the corner whenever you feel like giving up.


Since I don’t have the name of the store I got this dress from, here are some similar links

Happy shopping! Link 1Link 2Link 3Link 4Link 5

With Love,


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