Summer Maxi


I saw this dress at H&M last week and it was love at first sight! I didn’t buy it immediately because I’ve been trying hard to stop shopping on impulse lately. But I went home and I couldn’t get it out of my mind because I absolutely loved the blend of colours against my dark skin. I’m unashamed to say that I’ve worn this dress twice already since I got it a week ago and I’ve had to restrain myself a few times from wearing it again. I highly recommend this dress for summer bbqs, or any occasion where you want to look effortlessly stylish (and modest of course).


H&M- dress, Kate Spade- bag, Marc Jacobs- watch, Zara- sandals



The best part is, this dress is currently on sale for $20! Warning: If you’re the type that shops for quality then this dress is not for you; the material is very thin and almost see-through. On the bright side, this dress comes in other colours and the material feels more durable than this particular style. Good luck, and I hope you start shopping/wearing colours that compliment your skin tone. Happy shopping!

With love,


P.S I hope you like this casual shoot, not everyday heels right?

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