Casual lunch date

I met up with a few friends for lunch the other day and I decided to use the opportunity to take some pictures in a casual outfit, as requested by one of my readers (don’t be shy, feel free to send me requests on a look you would like me to create). I think the highlight […]

What’s trending? Adidas “Stan Smith”

This post is inspired by one of my best friends who always calls me to ask, “Hannah, what’s trending now?” I do my best to tell her what I THINK is the latest craze (because I’m no expert) and it almost always ends up with her saying “Eww, I don’t like that” or “I’ll never wear that.” I recently […]

Stella Jean inspired

Although I would love to take the credit, this outfit was inspired by Stella Jean, the Haitian-Italian fashion designer who is famously known for her african print(+button-down) designs. Her pieces make me fall in love with african print, especially when styled with her signature button down shirts. Where did I go all dressed up though? To praise the […]


This post is a rather simple one on the classic white button-down shirt. I believe everyone has a white shirt in their closet but it only comes out when we have a job-related function, or performing in a choir. That used to be me too, but lately I find myself buying a lot of white shirts because they are so versatile […]