Sweatsuit Jumpsuit

Hello readers, I appreciate your patience with me during this process of becoming a more consistent “blogger”. January was a season of change for me so I neglected the blog for a while (not on purpose of course). I honestly wish I had someone following me with a camera all day long- it would make my […]

#Howtostyledenim (look 2)

Here is look 2 out of 3 as promised! Instead of the ubiquitous “denim on denim” look, I wore a knit over my denim shirt to make it a little more cozy interesting. I wore this to the watch the new James Bond movie, Spectre! I didn’t want to be too dressed up since I was only going to the […]

Hello world!

I’ve always wanted to start a fashion blog on modesty, but I’ve been holding back for yeeeeaaars for many reasons, one being that everyone seems to have a blog about fashion these days. I hate to follow the crowd, (and I do not consider myself a fashionista) so I’ve been fighting myself on starting this blog. Another major […]